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Thyroid and Adrenal Issues

Do you have an undiagnosed thyroid issue?Are you tired? Dry skin? Hair shedding? Do you have cold hands and cold feet? Are you depressed and either sleep too much or can’t sleep?  Do you have a family history of hypothyroidism? You may need help with your sluggish thyroid and/or adrenal issues.

Do you have a tremor? Is your heart often racing? Is it hard for you to hold onto a healthy weight? Are your bowels often loose? Your thyroid may be hyperactive (hyperthyroid).

The naturopathic physicians at NatureMedica will assess your thyroid by using a unique complete testing protocol to enable the development of a plan to meet your specific needs. Our doctors thinks outside the box and has helped many people with thyroid challenges so they can feel good again.

Did you know that many thyroid conditions can go undiagnosed? Most physicians only test for TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone released by the pituitary gland), when they should also be testing for active levels of the T4 and T3 thyroid hormones as well (and sometimes others as well!)

At NatureMedica we believe in treating the whole person and when using any medication, to dose it in a way that helps the individual feel their very best including:

• Comprehensive treatment for all thyroid disorders using individualized treatments based on each patient’s needs.

• Treatments may range from using natural thyroid (Armour, Naturethroid), synthetic T4, T3 supplementation, glandular, herbs, amino acids, iodine therapy etc., based on each person’s unique needs.

• Comprehensive blood testing (almost always covered by insurance).

• Diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune thyroid disorders (Hashimotos/Graves).

• Assessment for Iodine deficiency

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