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Body Brush + Herbal Compress Massage + Hydration Wrap

$130 (reg $170)

Body brushing exfoliates and prepares skin for maximum therapeutic benefits. Steamed balls of Thai herbs tumuric, camphor, plai, kafir lime are used to massage and reduce inflammation. Moisture is locked in with a hydrating shea butter whip.

 3 Lymphatic Massages with Castor Oil Pack & FIR Sauna

$260 (reg $330)

Package of three Lymphatic Drainage Massages focuses on gently moving stagnant fluid. A castor oil pack is included for added detoxification benefits and followed by a session in our far infrared sauna.



3 Colonics with Probiotic Implant

$225 (reg $255)

A series of three colon hydrotherapy treatments cleanse and hydrate the colon while the probiotic implants help balance beneficial bacteria in the gut.