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Super Smoothies!

Want to feel fantastic, slow down aging, prevent disease and maybe even shed a few pounds?

Your diet should be a color explosion!

Well, start putting your blender to task and whip up one of these amazing fruit and veggie super smoothies!

I have always been a juicing advocate, but sometimes the time commitment for clean up doesn’t fit in my busy lifestyle. Sound familiar?

I don’t have a fancy heavy duty blender like a Vita Mix, but my Oster Classic seems to do the job just fine. Start with 6-8 oz of water and add greens, first (a few handfuls of kale and/or baby spinach), and some fruit. I like to add banana for creaminess. It is even better when I peel bananas ahead of time and freeze them! You can throw in apple, mango, papaya, cucumber, carrots, sprouts,  whatever you like!  Sometimes I will add a few tablespoons of chia seeds for extra fiber and omega 3’s or hemp seeds, which add a nutty flavor. Of course, go with organic, whenever possible.

Want to drop a few pounds? Make 2 large super smoothies a day and eat “white proteins” 3-4 times a day (egg whites, white breast chicken, wild white fish, whey protein). Do this as a 7-10 day jump start, then transition into a healthy diet, adding whole grain carbs in moderation like quinoa, brown rice, baked yams, raw nuts and seeds, and plain Greek yogurt.

Here’s to health!

Dr. Judy Gianni, Naturopathic Physician

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