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Pain Management

NatureMedica offers healthy and natural, yet effective alternatives for pain management.  Get down to the root cause of your pain and get serious long-term relief!LED

LED Light Therapy

$3 per minute

Our intense LED photo-pulsation penetrates deep to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow.  15-20 minutes are recommended for pain management.

Hydro-Light Therapy

$60 30 minutes

Contrasting hot and cold applications are followed by LED light therapy to combat inflammation for optimal healing and pain relief.  An affective solution for natural pain management.

Kinesio TapingKinesio Taping

$25 per area

Kinesio Tape is a latex-free elastic tape that has unique properties, but no drugs!   It’s longitudinal stretch allows it to stretch the fascia and open up the lymphatic vessels. You may have seen many of the athletes in the Olympic games competing with the help of Kinesio Tape. Great for edema, tendonitis, muscle pain, strains and sprains.  The best part- you don’t have to be a pro athlete to benefit from its use!

Pain-Free Trio


This trio begins with focused-area massage therapy with the application of topical Trumeel to reduce inflammation and promote healing.  This is followed by LED light therapy and topped with Kinesio Tape to help re-set the neuromuscular system and keep you feeling well for days after your treatment.  This power trio is sure to help you get pain-free!

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Starting at $299

PRP therapy is a breakthrough in regenerative medicine for treating slow-healing conditions such as tendinitis, osteoarthritis, injuries and even anti-aging! Many elite athletes opt for the injection treatment to eliminate pain and promote healing, without any of the recovery time needed after surgical correction. PRP therapy starts by extracting a patient’s own plasma and isolating the growth factor producing platelets. These platelets are then injected into the effected area, providing the damaged tissues additional healing factors to begin the process of repair. Contact our office to schedule an appointment to determine whether PRP could benefit you.

Traumeel Injections

Starting at $40

Traumeel shots are injectable homeopathic treatments primarily composed of arnica montana root, a plant extract commonly found in tablets and creams to relieve pain and inflammation.

A variety of musculoskeletal inflammation based conditions can benefit from Traumeel shots, including:

•  Pelvic pain

•  Pubic symphysis pain

•  Hip/knee pain

•  Piriformis syndrome

•  Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain

•  Tendonitis

•  Sprains/Strains

•  Tears of ligaments, muscles, or tendons

•  Joint pain

•  Lower back pain

•  Plantar faciitis

•  Trauma & sports injury

•  Muscle spasms

•  Fractures

•  Post-operative pain

•  Bursitis

In addition to the above services, NatureMedica houses a full dispensary of high quality supplements including formulas proven effective for reducing inflammation and managing pain! Contact our office to schedule an appointment to see which treatments and supplements are best suited for you.

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