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Therapeutic Herbal Teas

NatureMedica’s therapeutic herbal teas are expertly formulated by Dr. Judy Gianni, naturophathic Physician, with your health and wellness in mind.  Each tea was crafted to aid patients with specific problems with carefully selected, pharmaceutical quality herbs.  Although the teas have many therapeutic qualities, they are safe and gentile enough to be enjoyed every day by most.*


 Total Body Cleanse Tea

This is the perfect tea to assist the major organs of elimination to cleanse; the kidneys, the lymph, the liver, the skin and the colon. Not too purging or overwhelming, this tea is pleasant everyday tea that can be stepped with longer brewing for higher dosing. Yellow Dock, and Dandelion root cleanses the liver while Nettle nourishes the liver promoting gentle detoxification. Burdock root helps the kidneys to purge harmful acids and waste. Elder flowers promote cleansing via the skin, blood and lymph. Cleavers is a natural diuretic but is especially wonderful for moving sluggish lymphatic flow. Licorice is a tonifier and spearmint is a carminative (gas expeller). Hibiscus adds to the wonderful taste of this tea.

Who needs Total Body Cleanse Tea?

  • Anyone wishing to do some mild, but targeted cleansing (at a dose of 1-2 cups a day)
  • Anyone that wants to target all the organs of detoxification while doing a cleanse (at a dose of 4-6 cups a day)
  • Those experiencing fatigue, dull skin, constipation, bloating, acne, foul breath or body odor, etc.

Kidney/Bladder Detox Tea

Retaining fluid or puffy eyes? Maybe it’s time to cleanse your kidneys and bladder! Parsley and dandelion leaf act as natural diuretics, helping the kidneys eliminate excess fluids from the body. Marshmallow leaf is soothing to irritated mucous membranes of the kidney. Burdock root helps the kidneys to purge harmful acids and waste and has antiseptic qualities. Linden flower is a calming herb that soothes an irritated bladder.

Who needs Kidney/Bladder Detox Tea?

  • Excess fluid retention
  • High normal blood pressure
  • Mild urinary tract cleansing and infection prevention

Colon Detox Tea

This is an effective tea that will cleanse the bowel, stimulate peristalsis and will flush toxins. This formula does not contain harsh, habit-forming herbs such as senna and cascara. Instead bowel toners, turkey rhubarb root and buckthorn bark work their action on the colon allowing complete bowel evacuation without cramping and discomfort. Fennel and peppermint act as carminatives to help expel gas and are anti-spasmodic. Marshmallow leaf and slippery elm provide lubrication to the bowel and soothes the mucous membrane lining. Fenugreek has been used for peptic ulcers and soothing inflamed bowel tissue. Orange peel provides a pleasant taste, but acts as a bowel soother and toner.

Who needs Colon Detox Tea?

  • Anyone with sluggish bowels
  • During a colon detox cleanse
  • In conjunction with a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments to enhance results.

Digestive Tea

The perfect tummy soother! The volatile oils found in fennel are often used for colic, as an antispasmodic, and for dispersing gas.  Peppermint has long been known for its ability to soothe an upset stomach by stimulating the flow of bile and releiving pain.  Stomach lining is soothed by Chamomile, a natural anti-inflammaory.  Meadow Sweet is another pleasant tummy soother that exerts a healing astringent action on the entire GI lining.  Finally, Hibiscus gives this tea its nice fruity flavor while packing in antioxidants and overall digestive support.

Who needs Digestive Tea?

  • Anyone with digestive discomfort
  • Those who experience heartburn
  • Those looking to increase metabolism

Liver Detox Tea

It’s time to backwash the filter! This tea purges the liver of toxins, promotes the manufacture and movement of bile, improving liver function. Herbs that are good for the liver tend to be bitter and this formulation is no exception. Add stevia, honey or agave nectar or combine with a fruit tea for a better flavor. Yellow Dock decongests and invigorates the liver while milk thistle repairs and protects liver cells. Dandelion root and ginger stimulates the flow of bile, aids in digestion and helps the liver to clear toxins. Nettle nourishes the liver while promoting gentle detoxification. Lemon balm increases bile production and is soothing to the nerves. Honeybush from Africa helps tone down the bitterness of the formula, but also has been found to help protect liver cells from damage from free radicals. Peppermint has mild detox properties and is soothing to the digestive tract.

Who needs Liver Detox Tea?

  • Anyone with skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, etc.
  • Anyone with any hormonal imbalances
  • Anyone with headaches; tension, migraine, etc.
  • Those with insomnia who often wake between 1:00 and 3:00am

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*If you are pregnant, nursing, or on pharmaceutical medications that may interact with herbal formulations, consult your pharmacist or prescribing doctor.