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Our Team

Meet the NatureMedica Team of Professionals

Dr. Judy Gianni

Dr. Judy Gianni Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Judy Gianni (formerly Dr. Judy Hiell), puts her patient’s at ease with, personable down-to-earth style. She will be tenacious as she digs and digs in order to uncover the root of her patient’s health challenges making her an unmatchable medical detective.Dr. Judy is a 1995 graduate of Bastyr University, a four year post-graduate doctoral program in Seattle, Washington.  She has been in practice as a Naturopathic Physician for over 20 years and enjoys helping her patients with a wide variety of health challenges. She is the area expert in balancing hormones with bio-identical hormones and has mentored many other physicians in hormone prescribing. She is the owner and medical director of NatureMedica Naturopathic Clinic & Detox Spa.(Read more about Dr. Gianni here).

Dr. Kam Tecaya Naturopathic Physician White shirt

Dr Kam Tecaya has always had a passion for being an instrument to help others improve their lives in many ways. She achieved the best of all possibilities with naturopathic medicine. In practice at NatureMedica Clinic for since 2013, she has built a thriving practice specializing in environmental medicine and women’s health. She graduated with honors from the University of Arizona with her bachelors of arts in women’s studies and double minor of family counseling and pre-med. She spent four years as a massage therapist and shiatzu practitioner before attending Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where she earned her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine.

       Dr. Tecaya believes that health is an optimal level of well being & vitality, not just the absence of symptoms. As a naturopathic doctor she provides the best in comprehensive holistic healthcare by utilizing both natural and conventional medical paradigms. She views the patient-doctor relationship as a partnership where a mutual customized treatment plan is created to reach each individual patient’s health goals.

        As a general practitioner, Dr. Tecaya treats all health conditions and she has specialties of environmental medicine, chemical sensitivity, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and digestive disorders. She utilizes IV nutrient therapy, environmental detoxification, nutrition, homeopathy, botanical formulations, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, acupuncture and hydrotherapy within her practice.

Dr. Katie RoseDr. Katie Rose Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Katie Rose found naturopathic medicine the hard way- after coming to a point in her own health where her conventional physicians said they had “reached the end of the road” in their treatment options. The irony was that this statement marked the beginning the road leading Dr. Rose to a career devoted to getting to the root cause of disease and utilizing compassionate medicine that treats the whole person.Dr. Rose was born and raised in Tucson and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Arizona with a bachelor of science in physiology and minor in chemistry. Dr. Rose received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ, with an emphasis on anti-aging therapies, women’s health and pediatrics. Prior to attending the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Dr. Rose worked as a physical therapy technician and personal trainer.Dr. Rose sees patients of all ages, including infants and children. In her practice she utilizes clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical formulations, acupuncture, bio-identical hormone replacement, intra-venous nutrients and conventional prescriptions when appropriate. She also utilizes a wide variety of laboratory tests, including specialized tests like IgG Food Intolerance Testing, advanced hormone profiles and cardiovascular risk assessment tests. All treatments are individualized with the goal being to assist the body in healing itself.

Dr. Jason Allen, Naturopathic Physician

Dr Jason Allen discovered Naturopathic Medicine after various injuries and health challenges he had been experiencing with his family. Dis-satisfied with the care he had experienced, he began to explore various modalities of treatments. After experiencing the scope of naturopathic care, he knew he had found his passion. Dr Allen graduated SCNM in 2014 and practiced as a resident for many years before moving to Tucson. Dr Allen specializes in natural pain management and regenerative medicine. This is an integrated hands-on approach which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal and restores balance. This process does not focus on using medication to dull or cover-up the pain, but rather is an approach which focuses on determining the root cause of the bodies imbalance and uses natural processes in which true healing can be achieved. Dr Allen also specializes in men’s health.