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Natural Weight Loss

Stop beating yourself up and believing you just aren’t going to lose the weight. You can really achieve natural weight loss!

Our team has been working with hundreds of people just like you who just can’t figure out why they can’t get the weight off and keep it off. We will show you how to reach your goal through a personalized wellness program for natural weight loss. Isn’t it about time for you to feel fit and fabulous? Today is the day.

At NatureMedica, a holistic approach to weight loss is taken, encompassing your whole being. This includes many factors that go into maintaining a healthy weight beyond diet and exercise like mental/emotional state and physiological factors.  On your path to maintain a healthy weight, NatureMedica will:

•  Evaluate and address any glandular (endocrine), thyroid imbalances that may exist which can interfere with the body’s ability to achieve a healthy weight.

•  Assess using BIA (bio-impedance analysis) and hormone balancing (Bio-Identical Hormone page).

•  Provide nutritional counseling and help determine a nutritional weight loss plan that is right for you.


Prescription Services for Natural Weight Loss:

•  Detoxification to eliminate toxic fat and unburden the liver (your best friend for weight loss).

•  Lymphatic Massage

•  Colon Hydrotherapy

•  Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

•  Lipotropic Weightloss Shots

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