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Healthy Aging

The term “anti-aging” can often bring up mixed feelings in many of us. On one hand, aging is just a natural part of the life cycle of all living things.  Isn’t fretting about getting older feel a bit silly at times?  The term “healthy aging” seems more appropriate, especially when it is in regard to our health.  But, then again, who among us doesn’t want to look and feel 10-15 years younger (besides teenagers!) and who doesn’t have a twinkle in their eye when someone assumes you are years younger than your actual age?

NatureMedica is all about “healthy aging”.  Feeling fantastic, able to be physically fit, to feel strong and balanced and to look beautiful and radiant as well, we help our patients recapture their youth by recapturing their health.  NatureMedica will help you discover a more youthful you from the inside out. Our goal is to identify the obstacles impeding your body, mind and spirit from expressing perfect health.

At NatureMedica, we believe healthy aging is beautiful!

“Health from the Inside, Beauty on the Outside… Doesn’t it just make sense?” ®

Healthy Aging Via:

•  Identification of any hormonal imbalances with subsequent personalized hormonal supplemental regimes (Bio-Identical Hormone prescribing).

•  Discovering hidden food allergies, environmental sensitivities, bowel pathogens, heavy metal toxins

•  Supplement implementation and dietary coaching.

•  Cleansing and detoxification when necessary.

•  Life and emotional counseling.

•  Referrals to other practitioners when necessary (for osteopathic care, chiropractic, acupuncturists, counselors, medical specialists when necessary), etc.

Skincare Products

Dr. Judy Gianni searched for years to find skincare products to provide for her patients that would give them the results they were looking for. She literally looked and sampled hundreds of lines, trying to find products that fit her stringent criteria.  She wanted healthy, safe, natural and organic ingredients, but she also wanted products that really made a difference and produce visible results!

That lead her ultimately to Hyalunia®. Dr. Gianni is passionate about these products and our patients and clients are thrilled with their results! Both lines will help to heal, nourish and bring new life to tired skin.

An absolute must for acne and congested skin, but studies show a diminishing in fine wrinkles as well, since the sonic action stimulates collagen production.

Here are some other anti-aging treatments that may interest you:

Far Infrared Sauna
Colon Hydrotherapy
Teeth Whitening

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